Amazing ways to feel happier

Feeling a little blue lately? Feeling like nothing is going right in your life? Sadness around, researchers have known for decades that certain activities make us feel better and they are proven to boost up your mood. Scroll down to discover 7 amazing ways to feel good and happier-

1-Social media detox

Go away from social media for a while. Just put your cellphone aside and try to enjoy the Lil things around. sit with your family, have a good coffee, read your favorite novel or whatever pleases you. Because if you are feeling low, and you scroll down memes on Instagram you will feel even more worse by looking at “portrayed” fancy happy lives of your friends.

2- Music therapy

Trust me, music treats you in a way that nothing in this world can. It has got that amazing power to warm up your body and make you feel happier instantly. Music is often linked to mood. A certain song can make us feel happy, sad, energetic and even relaxed for that matter. Music can have such an impact on a person’s mindset and well being, it should come as no surprise that music therapy has been studied for use in managing numerous medical conditions.

3- Work it out

Exercise is proven to reduce stress. Whenever you workout, your body gets warmer and it releases stress. It reduces stress hormones and depression and anxiety. Researchers found that just 20 minutes of exercise can boost up your mood and it lasts for 12 hours. The location of your workout and the people coming there also affects how happy you feel afterwards!

4-Go out

If you feel depressed, dont sit at home. Go out, visit your favorite cafe, sip on some cappuccino and enjoy every sip of it. If you sit at home, you tend to feel even worse, you feel you are good for nothing and just wasting time. Also, negative thoughts come into your mind when you are idle. Probably you think about your x ! And that can make your situation even worse.

5-Get intimate

A 2004 study suggested that increasing the amount of intercourse you have from once a month to once a week gives the same amount of happiness as receiving an extra $50,000! How cool is that !!

Sexual activity releases a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin increases our ability to bond and empathize with one another. Therefore more sexual activity can increase our relationship satisfaction which contributes to happiness!

6-Watch your favorite movie

You can watch your all time favorite movie along with some popcorn and hot chocolate. Just allow yourself some “me time”. Put everything aside, get cozy with your warm blanket and enjoy the movie. When you watch a movie, you see what the director wants you to see. You’re looking at the on screen projection of his thoughts,his imagination and you forget all your negative emotions for that 2-3hours!


Multiple studies suggest that meditating can help lessen feelings of depression and anxiety. Buddhist monks shows that these people brains are well developed in areas that could be linked to heightened awareness and emotional control. Meditation increases the grey matter in a part of the brain which is linked to happiness!


Weekend skincare is a bliss !

Weekends are not just to party, it is more about “ME time”. Don’t let your weekends go in just fun, chilling around or dreaming all the time in bed. Instead, give yourself a all natural skincare, go for a spa session or do it all at home, just pamper yourself ! Here i am, sharing my weekend skincare regime for hands, face and hairs 🙂


Before getting into shower, take generous amount of body scrub and scrub your hands to get rid of all that dead skin. After that, put some coconut oil for 10mins, believe me your hands will feel super smooth after shower then ! Don’t forget to moisturize later on ‘


You can put some hair oil one night before the week ends. Don’t forget your hairs need some hydration after a long busy week. Your hair tends to get rough, frizzy and dull with all that dust around. You can also put some hair mask before taking a shower-


Wash your face properly before you put anything on it. Get rid of all the dirt and oil that sticks around on your face. you can start by applying a good face mask on your skin. The best way would be to prepare it at home itself. The face mask which i use often is-

  1. One tablespoon of gram flour
  2. One tablespoon honey/curd
  3. One tablespoon lemon juice
  4. Mix them well and apply the mask for 10-15 mins before rinsing it off !

Another one you can prepare is turmeric and gram flour mask-

So thats it girls. Try out these steps of weekend skincare and your skin will thank you for that.


It’s all about healthy eating !

As the title says,its all about healthy eating, adopting healthy food, getting that perfect body. So if you are into chips and hamburgers, you can simply avoid me! It’s a lot of work to eat healthy;it takes discipline and isn’t always fun, so why bother?

But at some point in your life, you may obese or overweight, you also run the risk of cancer, diabetes, depression and much more. It’s completely your choice whether you want to invest in good foods-eggs, raw vegetables, milk, fruits, nuts or the bad foods-chips, pizza, hamburgers, french fries, and a lot more.

Nutrition is important for everyone, you, your parents, your grandparents, your girlfriend, your siblings. When combined with being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight, eating well is an excellent way to help your body stay fit and healthy.

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not”- Mark Twain.

Change to healthy cooking methods

  • grill meat, fish and vegetables
  • fry vegetables using just a lil oil
  • use balsamic vinegar insted of salad dressing
  • steam cooked vegetables

Healthy eating at restaurants

  • load your plate with salad
  • skip dessert or grab just a bite
  • look for healthy options available instead of bumping into a lot of cheese

Develop a routine

Eat meals around the same time everyday and dedicate sunday mornings to meal prep. Once it become your routine, it’ll come more naturally. The right mix of foods in your meals can help you be healthier now and into the future.

agriculture basket beets bokeh

Cook yourself

Start cooking yourself. You’ll get to know all the nutrients available in the nature and you’ll develop interest in preparing yourself the healthiest meal possible. Also,it makes you happier. 🙂

person serving pasta
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College outfit ideas !

There are a thousands of school pass outs going gaga over brands and clothing ideas to get the right look and rock the first day at college. Everyone is jumpy about their first impression. So here i am again ! giving a few tips and ideas to make your first day count !!

  • Jumpsuits

jumpsuits are quick and fun way to wake up your wardrobe and your energy. You can throw on any easy breezy jumpsuit with deep, cool tones or vertical strips all over it. Just recently i’ve gotten into jumpsuits and can’t get enough of them !

  • Denim and graphic tees

you can totally rock your favorite t-shirt on denim and still look cute and appealing for class. This combination never goes wrong. Also, it’ll give you more of a easy going vibe.

  • Kurta and denim

well, why not a kurta lovelies?? Experiment with colorfull kurtas this season and become the epitome of style. Kurtas go best with pants, jeans and pallazzos. Add a scarf around your neck and trust me, you will be talk of your college !

  • Plaid shirt and mini skirt

Go in this comfy yet sassy combination for your college. Midi skirt can be formal or informal. You can wear pencil skirts and a loose fit plaid shirt. Don’t forget to add heels!

  • Shirt dress

When in doubt or hurry, just throw on a shirt dress from your wardrobe. or you can steal your boyfriend’s shirt ! it can be your saviour for the day. Add up a cool pair of shades and white sporty shoes to complete the look.

Try integrating these looks into your wardrobe and make your every day at college a memorable one !

Love Love


4 Date Night Affordable Outfits !

let’s be real. It’s not just the overpriced cocktails and dinners that add up- dressing for a date can easily cost a pretty penny too. So here I am, suggesting 4 date night affordable outfits to flaunt !!

1. Flirty (cold shoulder embroidered dress)

just pick any color dress, team it up with pointed heels and a sling bag. get flirty with your date tonight !

2. Casual ( Ripped denim and crop top)

Jeans can never go wrong. You can look casual and edgy at the same time. You can always add a biker style jacket to pump up this outfit.

3. Sexy (sheer lace top and leather skirt)

It’s time to make him spellbound ladies. Pick any sheer lacy black top and team it up with leather skirt and high heels. Remember, black is the new synonym of sexy !!

4. Simple ( off the shoulder blouse with mini skirt )

Guys may get impressed with your simplicity. some guys really do. so, ladies just open your hairs and wear this outfit with minimal makeup !


Naturally gorgeous skin !

Every girl desires a bright, glowy youthful skin. We do so much to make our skin look radient. We tend to use so many high end cosmetics that cause skin damage, acne, or even skin allergies.

Switch to an all natural skincare and beauty routine? Take a look on this simple skincare routine targeted to prevent blemishes and gives healthy, youthful glow…naturally of course!

1. Cleansing

The first step has to be cleansing and when it comes to natural cleansing, i mean apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon or probably yogurt. Apple cider vinegar help restore your skin pH levels and keep skin from becoming too dry or too oily.

2. Scrubbing

Probably next step would be scrubbing, cant forget those squeezy puny lemons here. Just squeeze a lemon and mix it up with a tablespoon of honey and sugar. Your skin will be super smooth after this!

3. Toning

Toning can help maintaining pH level of your skin. Many girls avoid this step but believe me this is probably the essential one. So you can use cucumber and mint leaves for this step!

4. Moisturizing

Dry skin can make you look dull. It is always essential to hydrate your skin. For this, you will just need baby oil or coconut oil and apply it all over your face and massage for a minute or two. Your skin will definitely thank you for this!!

Say GOODBYE to dull and dry skin and take a step towards naturally gorgeous skin!


A simple white kurta is all you need

No matter what time of year it is,if there’s one piece of clothing that can boost up your personality through any season,it’s the classic white kurta!

From sunday brunch and family dinners to wedding parties and shopping,a ivory kurta with some twist can look perfect.

Even Bollywood beauties are drooling over this trend lately,whether they’re wearing this to shopping, airports or just for a girl’s day out. Here are some Bollywood beauties who rocked it totally

You can pair up any simple elegant ivory kurta with a nice denim jacket or any colorfull one. or you can just throw your kurta on a distressed denim to make it look edgy!

Go sheer if you’re looking for a way to look sassy in kurtis. Or pair it with statement jewellary. khadija shah of Elan shows us how to accessorize it just perfectly with this chunky neckpiece and drop ear rings!!